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Individual Classes. Pay as you go. HITT/ CIRCUIT Hitt section works on raising your heart rate to its upper level, for short bursts and then resting but not fully recovering. A typical example would be 30 seconds work 30 seconds rest. The exercises can vary from squats, running or marching on the spot and sideways lunges,for example. The idea is to work the whole body. The circuit section will include two or three exercises, performed using a pyramid of reps. For example, 10 pinpoint, 8 squats, 6 bridges, 4 side bridges and 2 side lunges, in a set time, for example 5 mins, to complete as many of the circuit exercises as possible. It will be hot and sweaty and can be adapted if you are unable to do a certain type of exercise. I will need to know of any injuries and medical conditions in advance of the class, as it will not be suitable for some clients. The session will finish with some stretching.

The price for membership is £4.93 now.

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