Classes with Nikki Starting Wednesday April 3rd 2024
  • Pulham Market Methodist Chapel. Either Weds and Thurs eve at 6 pm subject to min numbers
  • The costs are £5 for the first week , £6 PAYG – thereafter. Term block booking cost at £5 per session, the exact fee will vary ,depending on how many weeks in each term . I will let you know each term
  • Please contact Nikki to book and pay no later than 24 hrs before the start of the class.

  • numbers are limited due to the hall size.
  • Formed by a former Royal Marine Commando and an international gymnast in 2010 ,Metafit is the original group X HIIT workout.
  • 30 minute, non choreographed, bodyweight only workouts that set the metabolism on fire.
    • We have been creating true HIIT workouts for our coaches for over 10 years • Metafit works! it’s tough, but it’s meant to be. • Only Equipment needed is a mat ,water ,towel and pair of trainers . • Taught live, by qualified coaches • Suitable for many different levels of skill • Work to your own level within the sessions • Age is only a number , metafit is for any age over 18 • Half an hour of hard work and you will have completed your workout
  • What happens in a Hitt class with Nikki? When I first took part in Hitt classes, it took all my courage to go along. I was in my mid forties and had an image that I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises or would end up making a fool of myself. But I was happily surprised that I kept up and I have ‘enjoyed’ taking part ever since. There was a mixture of people of all ages including over 50’s. My Pilates knowledge also helped me more than I had expected. I plan my classes to include as many people as possible. The Hitt section works on raising your heart rate to its upper level, for short bursts and then resting but not fully recovering. A typical example would be 30 seconds work 30 seconds rest. The exercises can vary from squats, running or marching on the spot and sideways lunges, bridging ,all fours /pinpoint or plank ,for example. The idea is to work the whole body. The style ranges from performing one exercise with rest or adding two or three exercises together making the work time longer and the rest shorter. It can vary from 30secs to 2mins, followed by a rest period of equal or less time, and then repeat. The 30 seconds of time is where you work to your maximim which means you push yourself as hard as you can. I also use this style,for example, 10 pinpoint, 8 squats, 6 bridges, 4 side bridges and 2 side lunges, in a set time, for example 5 mins, to complete as many of the circuit exercises as possible. It will be hot and sweaty and can be adapted if you are unable to do a certain type of exercise. I will need to know of any injuries and medical conditions in advance of the class, as it will not be suitable for some clients. The session will finish with some stretching.The class lasts for 30 mins ,with a 5 min warm up ,20 mins HITT and 5 min cool down. If you have read this far, you might be thinking that you recognise some of the exercises…. The principles of pilates adapt extremely well and I feel, helps the quality of the exercises performed. As an instructor, I often reference Pilates teaching points. It’s not necessary to have attended Pilates,though. Here are some frequently asked questions and reasons I hear for not coming. What about my pelvic floor when jumping and running ? I already give alternatives in my Pilates classes ,which I carry into HITT. No need to run , a big march will raise your heart rate too.If you have had surgery or an un repaired prolapse, you may need to avoid deep squats and certain other exercises. However, I can find you an alternative. You will be moving your body daily and we can mimic those exercises to raise the heart rate. I can chat to you about your individual situation and advise accordingly. But I am too old for that and I might damage my joints. Advertisement Privacy Settings Load bearing exercises are needed to maintain the health and integrity of the joints .Load bearing is best described as putting your bones and the supporting muscles, under an increased stress to create new cells. For example, walking, bending to get in and out of a chair, single leg balances . There is load if you stand on one leg and also if you hop on the leg.The amount of load will differ but it is there . You choose what you can manage, maintain or, in time increase the range of movement . Pushing your heart rate can help keep it healthy If I have tempted you to try a class, please do get in touch. I can do them as a one to one session ,if you are unsure .
    Orchid Fitness class details
  • Pre recorded Menofit and recordings of missed Pilates classes
  • In person pilates classes at Huntingfield HUB
  • Live Zoom Menofit and Pilates classes
  • Current term dates available on application. Pre recorded classes can be found here . Why not try them in between your usual class?

    Bookings being taken for
    1. Zoom live and pre recorded classes .
    2. Huntingfield has some spaces available .
    3. Pulham Market Metafit classes
    Please contact me for any information. Thank you

    Orchid Fitness was established in 2005 and focuses on providing high quality Pilates classes, small group Pilates tuition and one 2 one sessions. Orchid Fitness has expanded their classes online to offer classes in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

    face to face classes at Huntingfield.Online classes on Zoom are here to stay and we welcome new members.
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    What We Do

    ONLINE CLASSES current class times

    I have a number of live via ZOOM classes called Pilates for all. Run in conjunction with Kim Harkett.
    There are also a selection of pre-recorded classes
    Menofit classes are not included in the Pilates for all membership.Payment is to Nikki .Details about the classes can be found on the About page.
    .Kim and Nikki colaborate teaching the classes. You can join in one of three ways.

    Option 1 pay as you go per session
    Option 2 Pay up front for one session a week , renews every 4 weeks.No refunds or rolled over credit
    Option 3 Pay up front for 2 or more sessions a week ,giving you a maximum of 5 classes a week.This re news every 4 weeks .No refunds or rolled over credit . Current prices on application
    Class times are as follows

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Mon 9.15 am pic n mix - a different exercise class each week .Hitt, weights circuit to name a few . live on Zoom - Nikki £5 Tues 10.00 am Pilates for all -Kim Weds 10.00 am Pilates for all- Kim Thurs 08.40 am Pilates for all- Kim Friday 9.15 am Pilates for all Nikki
    Mon 10.00 am Pilates for all Nikki Weds from 9am until 10.30am personal training in person or via Zoom Thurs from 11.30 until 6 personal training in person or via Zoom

    click on the image for more details about the classes


    Current class information

    Join Nikki and other like minded and motivated individuals at Huntingfield Hub on Thursday Mornings Huntingfield HUB

      • 9 to 9.40 and 9.50 to 10.30 am mixed ability
      Places are available in some classes. Please pass on my details to anyone who might like to join us.
      • Costs are confirmed on application, currently £34 for 4 weeks .
      • Pre booking is required,I ask that places for each course are booked and paid for prior to the course starting. Please do not assume you have a place if you have not done this.
      • Please bring your own equipment to class to help you enjoy the session.Mat,block,band ,therapy release balls and a drink
      • Please could you ensure that you have completed a screening form and that inform you me of any changes to your situation as appropriate
      • To book your place please contact me via the contact page. Kim Teaches in person at Debenham Leisure Centre.I can pass her details on to you via email.

      ONE to ONE

      Address your specific goals and needs with one of our one to one classes. Nikki Hambling's repertoire of training includes

      • Hitt
      • Menofit
      • Pilates
      • Circuits
      These are available via an online platform(zoom /WhatsApp / Teams or similar ) and in person at my venue

      These sessions offer the opportunity to provide individually tailored exercises. If you are recovering from injury or have a specific target, these sessions are ideally suited to you.
      Price on application

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